Promoting Clean Energy Solutions

OLTAN RENDES – Partner and CMO of SunMoney Solar Group By – Shereen Shabnam SunMoney Solar Group, a Dubai based renewable energy company is dedicated to building, operating and acquiring solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe (CEE). The group is running a global community solar power program with over 20 thousand clients from 50 […]

SunMoney Solar Group launches asset-backed cryptocurrency

SunMoney Solar Group, which operates the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, has recently opened applications for its own value-generating asset-backed cryptocurrency token, the SDBN2 token, following the successful sale of all SDBN1 tokens introduced previously. The SDBN2 token is a digital currency based on the Smart Digital Business Network (SDBN) business model, which was […]

Fantabulous progress: Business community hails wise leadership as UAE marks 51st National Day

nayat-ur-Rahman, Business Editor Today the UAE is celebrating its 51st National Day. Bold decisions and an ambitious economic vision have boosted the competitiveness landscape of the nation, transforming the UAE into a key global investment destination. The country has made remarkable progress in five decades. Today on this auspicious occasion Gulf Today shares the candid views […]

Can the world feed 10 billion people?

Agriculture is already a significant contributor to climate change, but with the planet’s expanding population even more food will need to be grown The UN announced that the world’s population had reached eight billion, something its Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, said should make us “marvel” at the growth in lifespans and reductions in child mortality. But Mr […]

What you need to know about investing in renewable energy stocks

Investing in green stocks can be a great way to protect your portfolio from market volatility Renewable energy stocks are becoming increasingly popular as more and more investors look for ways to make a difference. Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and it’s easy to see why. With concerns about […]

Is it time to have some green stocks in your portfolio?

Taking longer term approach to building a renewable energy portfolio makes sense As the world looks for ways to become more sustainable, green investments are increasingly popular. What exactly are these types of investments, and how can you get involved? They typically refer to projects or companies that focus on providing clean or environmentally-friendly energy […]

5 benefits of investing in clean energy beyond financial gains

There are many reasons to switch to clean energy, even beyond the noticeable financial gains, says Zoltan Rendes, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, SunMoney Solar Group Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The effects of climate change are already being felt by people all over the world, and the […]