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The world’s first zero emission tire recycling solution.

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Sunmoney Solar Group

SunMoney Solar Group has with a profitable track record of a decade. SunMoney focuses on the construction and acquisition of solar power plants, providing the backing through the energy generation capacity of its established solar power plants. The group is running a global community solar power program with over 50 thousand clients from more than 60 countries. The program has its own online account system, app and branded Mastercard for the clients. The community solar power program has been bringing the solar investment opportunity for small private investors since 2013. The tokenized product was launched with SDBN in 2022. The Group of Companies are based out of the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hungary and Singapore. In the rapidly evolving sphere of renewable energy investment, the advent of digital assets like tokens represents an innovative stride. The team behind SunMoney is venturing into this domain, marshalling a remarkable blend of expertise and experience to steer the inception and management of their token.