January 28, 2022

The Wealth Today

The Future Is Renewable – Why 2022 Is A Good Time To Invest In Green Investments?

It has now become imperative for us to invest in an energy turnaround if we wish to preserve our prosperity and our planet. It is quite unrealistic to believe that we will be able to do much to reduce our rapidly increasing energy consumption – the biggest cause behind emissions – but it does become a win-win situation if we can ensure that our energy comes from clean, emission free, and sustainable sources. With skyrocketing electricity prices and growing demand for electricity across the world, renewables are the perfect solution to not just help meet the growing demand, but also reduce prices as well as environmental impact considerably.

Electricity is slowly entering the mainstream of becoming a widely used fuel for vehicles of all kinds, and EVs are paving a way for us to do something phenomenal – drive with renewable energy instead of burning fuel. Road transport accounts for a big chunk of global emissions and EVs can truly be a game changer in the coming years because they emit no exhaust, and neither do they don’t pump carbon dioxide or particulate pollution into the air that we breathe. Electric transportation provides ideal opportunities across industries for a much broader introduction of renewable energy into the transport sector. Soon marine transport and air travel can also begin to see electric ships and aircrafts and change the fuel logistics operate on globally. For electricity to be adopted as a fuel on a larger scale and for acceptance and inclination to grow around electric passenger vehicles, a much higher capital influx is required in the green energy space. 2022 has the potential to mark the year of remarkable change towards clean energy investments considering the valuable lessons taught by the pandemic in the past couple of years.

While 2021 proved to be one of the most transformational periods when it came to changing people’s understanding and approach towards sustainability and clean energy adoption, this space requires scaling up on a whole new level for it to be able to unlock and harness its true potential. People and governments across the globe are now beginning to understand that an increase in investment towards renewables will prove to be incredibly beneficial in curtailing climate change, preserving human health, increasing energy availability, and propelling global job creation in the near future. Governments, authorities, and enterprises across the region are proactively working towards it making sustainability a reality sooner than later.

Even from a primarily investment point of view, there is no better time than NOW to get into the clean energy space. Over the past few years, renewable energy investments have been delivering great returns in major economies of the world, like the U.S., the U.K. and the E.U. nations. Green energy stocks have consistently proven to be less volatile, especially during uncertain periods of crises like the pandemic we are in when fuel prices have been on a rollercoaster ride. The market share of clean energy stocks in countries like the USA, India, Italy, and Germany is witnessing a record rise owing to the increasing reliance on renewable energy for everyday consumption in these regions. This is an incredibly lucrative opportunity for investors to invest towards something that can save the planet while making them money.

The governments in the Middle East are striving to stay on the right path to achieve their 2030 climate goals and are making progress every year. Countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Morocco are making considerable efforts to advance their climate policies and rapidly reduce emissions in their region. They are stepping up to encourage clean energy adoption through initiatives like offering tax incentives and subsidies to drive this change before it is too late. Technological advancements are also making renewable energy adoption and access easier through innovative financial tools that allow more extensive capital access to the clean energy industry. For instance, SunMoney Solar Group currently runs a unique and sustainable initiative – a global Community Solar Power Programme – to incentivize individual investors to invest in solar power plants so that they can reap returns while helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint. There are many ways for all kinds of investors to enter into this space – and they should. Our world needs this backing to be able to balance the growing ill effects of climate change – we need to increase clean energy production and adoption urgently to ensure the survival of our planet for our future generations.