March 16, 2023

Budapest Reporter

Int’l Quorum of Motion Picture Producers to Meet in Budapest This Year

The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) is set to meet up in Budapest between 8-13 October, bringing film industry professionals from some 68 countries to Hungary.

In addition to countless Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning producers, IQ members include the owners of hundreds of advertising agencies, the owner of the largest Romanian news portal, the person who runs Europe’s biggest advertising company with over 400 employees, and the head of a company producing live entertainment for Disney parks, alongside Sundance-winning documentary producers.

Several interesting events will be held over the duration of IQ 2023 Budapest, including an opening keynote speech by an Academy Award-winning producer, several panel discussions, and presentations by the likes of ActionLab, and Lainey Molnar, who has more than one million followers and has been a leading voice on the internet spearheading the issue of equality in the workplace.

IQ 2023 Budapest will be the first conference that will entirely offset its carbon footprint, including all participants’ travels and hotel stays, thanks to the conference’s partner, Sun Money.

Every year, members of IQ get together in one of the member countries to spend a week exchanging ideas about professional experiences, where the industry is now and where it’s likely to go in the next year, and to get to know a bit about the local industry and culture.

The host cities in recent years include the likes of Mexico City, Reykjavik, Miami, London, Montreal, and Shanghai.