May 11, 2023

Budapest Reporter

The 55th IQ Conference – A Reunion of Trusted Filmmakers in Budapest

The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) is set to hold its 55th conference in Budapest, Hungary, between 8-13 October this year. The prestigious organization – uniting producers from around the world – provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among trusted industry professionals. Balázs Juszt, the organization’s first Hungarian member in a long while will host the 55th conference.

Admission to the IQ is stringent, requiring recommendations and a membership vote. Once accepted, members can participate in conferences, promoting collaboration and connection. The 55th IQ conference promises to be a much larger event compared to the previous one held in Hungary in 1989, with over 100 professionals anticipated to attend.

“Once you are in there, you know you’re among safe people. The motto of the organization is “Trusted filmmakers connecting”, and a conference in person with this group is like a family reunion, expect you like all your relatives”, said Balázs Juszt, host of this year’s conference, in an interview with BPR.

Esteemed attendees include producer Gareth Wiley, current IQ president Kjartan Thor Thordarson, and Romanian media mogul Dragos Vilcu, and many more. The conference program includes a training session for entertainment leaders by Péter Vitézy, founder of Actionlab, a presentation by Instagram giant Lainey Molnár, and a live AI painting demonstration by Shane54.

Other notable panel discussion will focus on the Hungarian film service industry’s worldwide success, featuring industry experts such as Adam Goodman from Mid Atlantic FilmsGábor Rajna from Astra Studios and Laokoon Filmgroup, and HFPA member Anikó Návai. Another session, titled “Branding the Apocalypse”, will be led by EU Climate Ambassador Zoltán Rendes. The conference will also feature a panel on artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry, a timely topic amidst the Writers Guild of America strike.

The 55th IQ Conference aims to foster professional connections and nurture strong relationships within the international motion picture community. While some events will be open to the public through an invitation-only application process, exclusive member presentations will be held behind closed doors, providing a safe space for honest discussions about the industry.