September 29, 2023


Optimisus – Interview – SunMoney Solar Group

SunMoney Solar Group distinguishes itself through its innovative business model that intertwines the renewable energy sector with blockchain.

SunMoney Solar Group, a pioneering force in the renewable energy sector with blockchain technology, made waves at this year’s Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai. The event provided invaluable insights and opportunities for the company, and we had the privilege of interviewing Peter Bahorecz, Chief Networking Officer at SunMoney Solar Group.

Bahorecz shared exciting developments about their Community Solar Power Plant Program, which has already brought together over 50,000 members spanning 60 countries.

1: Can you elaborate on how the SDBN tokens, backed by solar power production capacity, contribute to the uniqueness of SunMoney Solar Group’s business model?

SunMoney Solar Group distinguishes itself through its innovative business model that seamlessly intertwines the renewable energy sector with blockchain technology. Our unique Community Solar Power Plant Program, which is the first and largest of its kind globally, has already amassed over 50,000 members from 60 different countries. This program is a testament to our commitment to democratizing access to solar investments and creating a truly global community of renewable energy supporters.

Our introduction of the SDBN tokens, which are backed by our solar power production capacity, represents another revolutionary aspect of our business model. These tokens offer owners a hybrid earning program where they benefit from both the electricity sold by our solar power plants and the growth of our community. This model allows us to transcend geographical boundaries, inviting anyone, regardless of their location, to join our community and reap the rewards of solar investments. The SDBN tokens not only accelerate our growth but also democratize access to solar investments, making renewable energy more accessible and investment-friendly.

2: What was the inspiration behind integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency into SunMoney’s vision of promoting renewable energy? 

At SunMoney, our mission is to make solar investments accessible to everyone, everywhere. Early on, we recognized the potential of blockchain technology as a powerful tool in achieving this goal. Owing to its decentralized nature, enhanced security, and low transaction costs, blockchain allows us to reach out to small investors worldwide, offering them the opportunity to contribute to and profit from the growth of renewable energy.

By integrating cryptocurrency into our operations, we’ve been able to provide better returns on investments and make the benefits of solar investments accessible to a broader audience. The introduction of our SDBN2 token marked a significant milestone in this journey, allowing us to bridge the gap between the renewable energy sector and the world of digital currencies. This integration has accelerated our mission to democratize solar energy investments and has been a key driver of our growth.

3: Could you share some of the challenges you encountered while implementing this innovative approach in your enterprise? 

While implementing this innovative approach, we encountered several challenges. Unlike many start-ups raising capital for their concepts, we were introducing a novel approach in an already operating business. This reality was unfamiliar to many interested parties, making it a challenge to communicate the value and potential of our model effectively. Additionally, despite significant interest in our business, many individuals had reservations about blockchain technology. This led us to the realization that there was a need for education and awareness about the value and safety of blockchain. To address this, we created an online education system to provide clear, accessible information about blockchain technology and our unique business model, helping to dispel misconceptions and build trust among potential investors.

4: How does the asset-backed nature of SDBN tokens provide security or benefit to investors? 

Our asset-backed SDBN tokens offer a high level of security to investors, setting us apart in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market. The tokens are backed by our already operating and producing power plants, providing a tangible, stable asset that reassures investors of the reliability of their investment. Upon purchasing tokens, buyers receive them in their own secure wallet, protected with a personal code through a smart contract. This process ensures that all rights to manage the tokens are transferred to the buyer, further enhancing the security of the investment. Moreover, the SDBN tokens offer regular monthly payments directly to the wallet where the token is located. This feature ensures highly secure transactions and offers investors a steady stream of returns, making the SDBN tokens a lucrative and secure investment opportunity in the renewable energy sector.

5: You participated in the recent Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai. Could you share your experience and major takeaways from the event? 

Our participation in the Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai was an enlightening experience that provided us with invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of blockchain technology. As the only crypto project with asset backing at the conference, we stood out amongst the primarily crypto exchange websites and trading platforms present. The event reinforced the importance of live exhibitions for receiving immediate feedback from future buyers and building trust more effectively. These insights will be invaluable in our future appearances, such as at the upcoming Blockchain Festival of Europe in Berlin. We realized that while traditional marketing channels are important, increasing our presence in exhibitions could provide us with an immediate connection with potential buyers, enabling us to address their concerns directly and build trust more effectively.

6: How has your participation in the Blockchain Economy Summit influenced your business strategy or future plans for SunMoney Solar Group? 

Our experience at the Blockchain Economy Summit Dubai will have a profound impact on our business strategy. We are realizing the immense value of participating in exhibitions and the potential they hold for enhancing buyer trust and receiving immediate feedback. This realization will shape our future marketing strategy, making us more responsive and attuned to our customer base’s needs and concerns. Looking ahead, we’re excited about the launch of the SDBN3 token, which marks a significant milestone for SunMoney Solar Group. Alongside the SDBN3 token, we’ll also launch the SDBN3Plus token as a gift to SDBN3 buyers. This token includes ten rubber processing containers and the production of these containers. Our eco-friendly solution processes vehicle tires without harmful emissions, generating revenue from tire receipt and the sale of extracted raw materials. The SDBN3Plus tokens start monthly payments as soon as they are operational, thereby enhancing the SDBN3’s payback and monthly yields.

7: With the success of SDBN1 and SDBN2, what can investors expect from the upcoming SDBN3 token? 

The upcoming SDBN3 token signifies a significant milestone in SunMoney Solar Group’s journey. Building on the success of SDBN1 and SDBN2, SDBN3 is set to offer investors an even more robust and rewarding investment opportunity. Simultaneously with the launch of the SDBN3 token, we will introduce the SDBN3Plus token, which will be given as a gift to SDBN3 buyers. This unique addition substantially enhances the value proposition of investing in SDBN3. The SDBN3Plus token comprises ten rubber processing containers that contribute to environmentally conscious tire processing. This innovative solution allows us to process vehicle tires without generating harmful emissions, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable business practices.

What makes the SDBN3Plus token particularly attractive is its dual-revenue model. Revenue is generated from both the receipt of vehicle tires and the sale of raw materials extracted post-processing. This two-pronged approach ensures a consistent revenue stream, thereby offering an attractive return on investment.

8: How do you envision the future of blockchain technology in the renewable energy sector?

Blockchain technology holds immense potential in the renewable energy sector. From secure data collection and settlement systems to registering investors’ ownership, blockchain can provide a secure, transparent, and efficient system. As this technology continues to evolve, we envision it playing a crucial role in driving transparency, security, and efficiency across the renewable energy sector. This development aligns perfectly with our mission at SunMoney Solar Group, as we continue to harness blockchain technology to democratize access to renewable energy investments. We are excited about the future of blockchain in the renewable energy sector and look forward to continuing to lead the way in this exciting new frontier.