Top 5 benefits of investing in blockchain-based solar energy programmes

Blockchain has the potential to spur sustainable development through increased efficiency and reduced environmental impacts Blockchain-based solar energy investments have the unique ability to unleash a wide array of benefits for both investors and renewable energy providers. By utilising blockchain technology, asset-backed cryptocurrency can facilitate global access to capital efficiently and securely while encouraging sustainable […]

Is it time to have some green stocks in your portfolio?

Taking longer term approach to building a renewable energy portfolio makes sense As the world looks for ways to become more sustainable, green investments are increasingly popular. What exactly are these types of investments, and how can you get involved? They typically refer to projects or companies that focus on providing clean or environmentally-friendly energy […]

5 benefits of investing in clean energy beyond financial gains

There are many reasons to switch to clean energy, even beyond the noticeable financial gains, says Zoltan Rendes, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, SunMoney Solar Group Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. The effects of climate change are already being felt by people all over the world, and the […]

Green investments are critical for long-term economic growth

Investing in green growth can be both sustainable and profitable Contrary to popular belief, the path towards a sustainable future can be made profitable through conscious investments. There is a growing movement towards more environmentally and socially conscious investing. But more needs to be done to fully harness the incredible potential green investments have, to […]

Climate Change, Decarbonization And Energy Transition Were The Key Focus Points Of The Arab Green Summit (TAGS)

Organized by Market Solutions Events Management and powered by Mashreq, The Arab Green Summit (TAGS) which was held under the patronage of the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment took place on 21-22 June 2022 at Mövenpick Grand Al Bustan in Dubai, UAE.  The event garnered a great turn-out of government officials, key decision-makers, policymakers, sustainability professionals and climate change enthusiasts from […]

SunMoney Solar awarded ‘Trendsetter in Behavioural Change in Climate Action

Awarded at the Arab Green Summit 2022 Dubai, United Arab Emirates: SunMoney Solar Group, known for the largest global community solar power programme, won the award for ‘Trendsetter in Behavioural Change In Climate Action’ at the 1st edition of Decarbonization and Climate Action awards (DACA) hosted at the recent Arab Green Summit in Dubai. The […]

Hosting COP27 and COP28 will accelerate MENA’s clean energy ambitions

The selection of Egypt and the UAE to host the COP27 and COP 28 conferences in the next two years is expected to kickstart clean energy initiatives and drive international investment into the Middle East and Africa regions The selection of Egypt and the UAE to host the COP27 and COP 28 conferences in the […]

The Arab Green Summit (TAGS): Taking MENA Sustainability to New frontiers

Climate risk is arguably the greatest risk facing humanity, with climate change defying nature’s eternal principles and increase our planet’s temperature. Nations are racing against time to reach the goals of Paris climate deal and transition to net zero by 2050.  Being organised by Market Solutions Events Management and powered by Mashreq, The Arab Green Summit will […]