Opinion: Blockchain and Tokenization – A New Way to Power a Sustainable Future

As the spectre of an escalating environmental crisis looms, the quest for sustainable solutions has transitioned from optional to imperative. Amidst this urgency, two innovative technologies are making waves in the energy sector – blockchain and tokenization. These trailblazing advancements are not merely reshaping the energy landscape; they are fast-tracking our journey towards a more […]

Green Cryptocurrency: The Rise Of Asset-Backed Tokens In Sustainable Finance

The Rise of Asset-Backed Tokens in Sustainable Finance by Peter Bahorecz Chief Networking Officer, SunMoney Solar Group. In the face of climate change and growing concerns about environmental sustainability, the energy sector is undergoing a significant transformation. As the world shifts towards cleaner, more sustainable energy practices, the integration of digital innovations is unlocking new […]

Money & Me: ‘I don’t need to be wealthy to live a good life

Zoltan Rendes, partner at SunMoney Solar Group, prefers to spend on things that make the world better Zoltan Rendes, 49, is a partner and chief marketing officer at Dubai-based SunMoney Solar Group, which enables people to invest in renewable energy projects. The Hungarian, partly educated in England and the US, became a TV correspondent covering wars […]

How Gulf nations are responding to the age of record-breaking extreme temperatures

DUBAI: Nations worldwide are once again in the throes of coping with record-high temperatures amid an intense summer heatwave, forcing governments in the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to issue health warnings and advise people to remain indoors and stay hydrated. Several recent studies, including a report by the World Meteorological Organization, have warned […]

How can we apply blockchain and tokenisation to the energy industry?

Solutions have potential to transform the sector he energy sector is in the early stages of adopting blockchain and tokenisation to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly industry. Blockchain technology can be utilised for various purposes, such as energy administration (collection and accounting of production data) and investor engagement. By simplifying processes and reducing […]

SunMoney’s SDBN2 asset-backed cryptocurrency token

SunMoney Solar Group, which operates the world’s largest Community Solar Power Program, has recently opened applications for its SDBN2 token, following the successful sale of all SDBN1 tokens introduced previously. This cryptocurrency is backed by the SunMoney Solar Group’s growing solar power production capacity. The Integrator spoke with Peter Bahorecz, Partner, Chief Networking Officer, SunMoney […]

SunMoney Solar Group invests in a revolutionary tyre recycling technology

SunMoney Solar Group, which runs the largest community solar program in the world and has its own asset-backed clean energy token, the SDBN2, recently invested in a revolutionary tyre-recycling technology. The futuristic technology’s efficient system, whose solution SunMoney Solar invested in, has a zero carbon footprint of its own, along with a minimal energy requirement […]

The 55th IQ Conference – A Reunion of Trusted Filmmakers in Budapest

The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) is set to hold its 55th conference in Budapest, Hungary, between 8-13 October this year. The prestigious organization – uniting producers from around the world – provides a platform for networking and knowledge sharing among trusted industry professionals. Balázs Juszt, the organization’s first Hungarian member in a long while […]

Int’l Quorum of Motion Picture Producers to Meet in Budapest This Year

The International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ) is set to meet up in Budapest between 8-13 October, bringing film industry professionals from some 68 countries to Hungary. In addition to countless Oscar, Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning producers, IQ members include the owners of hundreds of advertising agencies, the owner of the largest Romanian news portal, the person who […]