Solar Power Plants

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Currently we have solar power plants in Germany and in Hungary. These power plants are owned by our German entity SUNMONEY Solar GmbH which pledged them to the UAE entity SUNMONEY Solar FZ LEE and were built by our partner Bauer Energiekonzepte GMBH, which is the market leading solar panel manufacturer and solar power plant installer in Germany. These power plants are insured and have long term guarantees that all the produced energy will be bought by the public utilities. We are in the process of installing new power plants which we have already reserved and secured all permissions needed. In our system we do not collect money in advance to build solar power plants, we build these in advance and then sell the exploitation rights by nominal output to our members.


These solar power plants are already built and fully operational solar power plants, which already participate in the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Plant Programme. These solar power plants are owned and exploited by SUNMONEY Solar Group.

Nemesvámos - HUNGARY

WATT: 54,880 W

1,687,500 kWh
617,400 kg CO2
9,604 pcs
8,035,714 km
Nemesvamos is a village in Veszprem region in Hungary. The power plant located in the industrial park on the factory roof. The factory produces automobile parts for Volkswagen Group. The factory is proud to be green because it is using  green energy from the SUNMONEY Power Plant.


WATT: 16,000 W

500,000 kWh
180,000 kg CO2
2,800 pcs
2,380,952 km

Telki is located in Hungary near Budapest. Telki is the richest village in the country. The solar power plant is located in privately owned area.

Langenheim - GERMANY

WATT: 175,000 W

4,375,000 kWh
1,968,750 kg CO2
30,625 pcs
20,833,333 km


This solar power plants are already built and working power plants. These solar power plants are owned and exploited by SUNMONEY Solar Group or by our partners and can be acquired to participate in the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Plant Programme.

Castri - ITALY

WATT: 1,000,000 W

33,750,000 kWh
11,250,000 kg CO2
175,000 pcs
160,714,286 km

Jacobsdorf - GERMANY

WATT: 768,830 W

22,080,000 kWh
8,649,338 kg CO2
134,545 pcs
105,142,857 km

Schulzendorf - GERMANY

WATT: 726,070 W

18,150,000 kWh
8,168,288 kg CO2
127,062 pcs
86,428,571 km


SUNMONEY Solar GmbH, as a part of SUNMONEY Solar Group is continuously looking for new projects and developing new solar power plants to build and exploit for the SUNMONEY Community Solar Power Plant Programme.


Kunszentmárton - HUNGARY

WATT: 50,000 W

1,687,500 kWh
562,500 kg CO2
8,750 pcs
8,035,714 km

Lajosmizse - HUNGARY

WATT: 500,000 W

15,000,000 kWh
5,625,000 kg CO2
87,500 pcs
71,427,571 km

Zelenohirs'ke - UKRAINE

WATT: 100,000 W

2,875,000 kWh
1,125,000 kg CO2
17,500 pcs
13,690,476 km
Displayed data are the following: Produced energy, Reduced CO2 quantity, number of saved 50-year-old trees, the distance that an electric car would run with the amount of electricity.
The projected data are informative and may vary for the 25 years contractual period.