SunMoney Solar Group Signs Ukrainian Renewable Giant UKR Teplo for Its New Investment Platform

SunMoney Solar Group Signs Ukrainian Renewable Giant UKR Teplo for Its New Investment Platform

21.03.2018 Kiev, Ukraine

The SunMoney Token Sale has just started, but here is the first big partnership deal for the new blockchain based investment platform. SunMoney and UKR Teplo signed partnership agreement to work together on bringing hydro energy, biomass, biogas and solar energy based investment packages to be sold on the new platform from UKR Teplo’s 200 Megawatt renewable energy portfolio.

The Group of Companies UKR Teplo ( is one of the market leaders of renewable energy in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2011 and currently conducts business in 14 regions of Ukraine and in a number of other countries such as Moldova and Hungary. The company successfully implemented over a 1000 projects.

SunMoney Solar Group (SSG) is a community-funded renewable energy company, established in 2013 with a 2 million euro investment from private investors. With more than 10 000 members in 28 countries, SSG owns and operates solar power plants and cryptomines on renewable energy. On the company’s current investment platform people can buy solar or crypto mining based investment packages. SunMoney is developing a blockchain system to expand its existing platform to open service for 3rd party power plants.

Ivan Nadein, the founder of the UKR Teplo Group is a well known international expert of renewable energy and the Chairmain of the Ukranian Energy Independence Committee. He has been looking at the SunMoney ICO closely, since he is a renewable energy advisor for the project.

The new investment platform, which will be launched at the end of the year already signed some smaller clients, but UKR Teplo is the first heavyweight future client.

The SunMoney Token Sale started on the 15th of March at and will close on the 15th of April.