There are two ways to earn money with SunMoney: 1. Purchasing a solar package 2. Promoting the program and build a network

Guaranteed purchase price is the price stated by the government at the installations place. From the 1st of Januar, 2017. the European Union accepted it on its regions.

The group owns and operates solar plants at multiple locations in Germany and Hungary. We are continuously expanding to new territories.

The owned position could be sold, can be transmitted, inherited.

The measure of the monthly Solar Royalty depends on the sunny hours and the purchase price. So at winter, it is less, at summer it is higher.

CV (community volume) means the community traffic as a base of the calculated payments.

A 1 kW of solar power plant can exempt the Earth from 450 kg carbon dioxide CO2. Similarly, 7 trees, 50 year-old each, can capture the same amount of CO2.

The manufacturer gives a 25 years Performance and Lifetime warranty. So SunMoney Solar Group could take responsibility for the mentioned period to produce more solar panels.

If the stronger leg is 3 times bigger than the weaker leg: You always receive the 5-7,5-10% of the weaker leg’s traffic, depending on your Community Package. If the difference between the two legs are less than 3 times, the stronger leg will be the base of the calculated payments and you will receive the 5-7,5-10% of the stronger leg’s traffic, depending on your Community Package.

Stronger leg reached more amount of sales in the actual month. The weaker leg reached less amount of sales in the actual month. This will be the base of the payments.

For building a stabilized community, You should always place the new members on the outer leg. The first one to the sponsor leg, second to the weaker leg. It is advised to place the third and fourth member also that way, and the following members should be placed to the weaker leg.

Every registered member who owns a Community Package could request a webpage on SunMoneyOnline.com. So You could add the name of the webpage by filling out the subdomain. (E.g. sunmoneyonline.com/xyz will be the contact link)

The system places the new members at the last available place of the chosen leg.

Purchase account: You could buy packages in the Web Office for the maximum limit, shown here. It is possible to upload by bank transfer or from the Bonus account. Bonus account: At the beginning of every month, all the community fees are credited here. We could choose at “Web office/Finances/Transfer” menu if we would like to send the selected amount of money to the Purchase account or Payment account. If we choose the Purchase account, 100% of the selected amount will be transferred there. If we choose the Payment account, the amount should be divisible by 10, 80% will be sent to the Payment account, 20% to the Purchase account.

We suggest you to contact with the Customer Service. info@sunmoney.com

If you have Solar Package and you follow the system correctly, you will receive more money from the rentals – during the rental period – than you paid in originally. The Community Package is only contains Solar Panel Part in a part, the rest covers the entitlement for the future direct and community fees or other benefits.

Everyone on the basis of the laws of their  country of citizenship.

Yes, but everyone could only register to itself into their own network tree.

20% of the community fees are invested to buy packages, so the system could grow even if there is no new joiner or new purchase.

You can register at www.sunmoney.com. Registration is only possible with invitation. If You don’t have an invitation, please write us to info@sunmoney.com. Registration is free, but to earn money, you need to buy a minimum 2 EUR Solar Package. There is no commitment to buy again.

Customer Service: info@sunmoney.com

On one position regarding the community traffic – excluding the Solar Royalty and the fee comes from First Connection Bonus – there is a limitation. This means regarding the community fees – depending on your Community Package – the maximum earning is 15 000 EUR/month. In SunMoney, the Community Packages could define limitations for monthly earnings, which is usually equal to the next Community Package’s price, so it doesn’t mean an objective limit, because if you buy the bigger package, you will receive the bigger amount. The system examines the Community Package type on the last day of the month so if you buy a new package on the last day, it will calculate the share for the whole month.

For the invitation, you will need a Web office and a Community Package. The invited should have an e-mail address. You can invite other people by sending and invitation from your Web office, the same way as you joined. Go to the Community menu in your Web office, then choose placing the member submenu so you could put your invitee to an exact place. He or she will join, the invitation, the contracts and the terms are accepted.

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