április 12, 2021

Middle East News 247

SunMoney Solar strengthens its Middle East footprint

Dubai, UAE: SunMoney Solar Group, known for creating and offering investment opportunities in solar energy and its work to build, operate, and acquire solar power plants in Central Eastern Europe (CEE), is activating a deeper presence in the UAE.

The company’s motto is “Make money, save the planet”, and SunMoney runs the largest global community solar power programme enabling people to become part of an energy community, where individuals and institutional investors can make money from renewable energy and protect the environment at the same time.

Deepa Sud is overseeing the head office operations based in the UAE and strengthening their presence in the MENA region and India through strategic partnerships and new initiatives with investors.

As a visionary leader with expertise in setting up global operations and leading international expansions, consolidations and new market launches, Deepa is well placed to expand the company by encouraging more people to be part of the renewable evolution story as their contribution to save the planet.

Deepa has a pragmatic approach with expertise in leading business transformation and turnaround through strategic talent management and leadership development to accelerate long-term growth and sustainability.

She is an acclaimed business owner based in Dubai and her work across multiple FTSE 250 organisations in EMEA, APAC & America speak volumes about the expertise, network and foresight that she brings to SunMoney’s sustainable growth strategies.

SunMoney Solar Group aims to provide all kinds of investors with the opportunity to invest in solar power as it allows for a lucrative mix of income, growth and sustainability while protecting the environment.

The group currently holds solar power plants in the CEE region and is focussed on providing a unique, sustainable, and future-aware initiative to encourage investors to consider clean energy options that help reduce the global population’s carbon footprint.

The company firmly believes that this is not just an investment but a lifestyle decision that is becoming crucial to sustainable development.

They lay strong focus on building community solar power programmes for small investors and project summits for small and mid-range investors.

There is also a solar harvest project coming up soon for large investors.

With expertise in trading and coordinating solar plant construction, the company is now considering to expand its installed capacity by 50 MWh from its existing projects.