The Problem:

There are almost 2 billion tires disposed in the world annually. Two third of these tires end up dumped legally or illegally somewhere. These landfills become toxic, emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere and sometimes burn too. 20 percent of micro compound in the oceans is from these tires. So far only 15 percent of all disposed tires is getting recycled in the world and usually the recycling is a polluting and high energy consuming process. All that is about to change.

Our Solution:

Zero emission, chemical free process

Energy efficient: uses tenth of the energy than the traditional method

Can run on renewable energy

Containerized: fully mobile and deployable anywhere

Automatized closed system

Capacity: 3-5 tons/day/unit

Minimal human labour is needed to load and unload

Recycling efficiency is 80%+

End result is 100 percent pure raw material

Can recycle any vehicle tire: car, bus, airplane, industrial, agricultural and military heavies etc.

The Process:

The machine is shipped to a location where used tires are stored. They load them into the machine and in hours it takes them apart to its original 3 components:

High quality 100% pure hydrophile rubber granules or chips with no metal in it – can be used for Pyrolysis or to create new rubber products

High quality steel wire – can be used to create new products


Pyrolysis is the environment friendly way of converting waste to energy. Namely pyroil, which is like crude oil and also gas which can be used as industrial fuel and carbon black which is used for pigmentation of rubber products, for example tires. This is also called as tire-derived fuel, which is as efficient as petroleum and 20 percent more efficient than fuel from coal.

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